Sunday services during the pandemic:

We are meeting online at 10:30am each Sunday on our YouTube channel for our regular service. On the 1st and 3rd Sundays, we have Holy Communion. Whilst it is not possible to receive Holy Communion at this time, the Vicar will take the bread and wine on behalf of the church family and wider parish. You are invited to join in during the service by offering a prayer of spiritual communion and reminding yourself of Holy Communion. This service includes songs, reading and a talk. After the service, we are meeting on Zoom for coffee. Please contact the Vicar directly for Zoom details.

From 23rd August 2020:

As we adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 and how we reopen safely, we are going to introduce a weekly, said service of Holy Communion at 9am. We will invite people to book for this service (although there will be some spare seats if you haven't booked - further details on booking to be released in due course). This will be the only public act of worship in the building on a Sunday.

Our 10:30am service will continue to be streamed on YouTube with no congregation present in the building.


Under normal circumstances:

On Sundays, we have 2 services. Anyone is always welcome!

At 8:30am, we have a said service of Holy Communion (from Common Worship) upstairs in our prayer room (turn right through the front doors, go up the stairs and all along the corridor)

At 10:30am, we have our main Sunday service. On the first Sunday of the month, this is a service of Holy Communion. On the other Sundays, this is a Service of the Word. We have a worship band and this includes a sermon. We also offer prayer ministry at each service. Following the service, refreshments are offered.


On the Second Sunday of the month, we do things slightly differently. At 9:30am, our families gather for breakfast and then go upstairs about 10am to Rooms 2/3 for Family Church. This involves crafts, games, activities and a Bible story and some songs. Our main service continues at 10:30am and our families often join us after the sermon.